SF x Avocado Grill: Featured in Palm Beach Illustrated

We are honored to have had the opportunity to help contribute to the redesign of the West Palm Beach Avocado Grill. Owner and fantastic Chef Julien Gremaud hired Soulfull Things to create some unique pieces for both of their locations. Check out the entire article here. For Avocado Grill's West Palm Beach location, our fiber artist, Wendy Woodard created a large handmade piece of art that is located in the photograph below. It is called a Macrame & Weave piece because it is created by using several different macrame knot techniques for the base and is detailed with neutral and warm colored yarn, wool and fabric that is used to weave intricately throughout the entire piece in a 100% original design.

We not only respect Avocado Grill and Chef Julien Gremaud for making the tastiest ginger guacamole, tapas, tacos, & many more scrumptiously exquisite dishes. We also admire their dedication to support local businesses. Avocado Grill hired other locals to help with their redesign as well. Flower and Fringe, Hellbent Custom Garage, and Massimo Frank Lighting were a few of the many talented businesses that helped play a part in making this beautiful new space for locals and tourists to come and enjoy the delicious

food, the dreamy atmosphere, and of course

great company.

Avocado Grill opened a second location in Palm Beach Gardens located in Downtown at the Gardens. Their grand opening was in early 2018 and this place did not disappoint. The design for this location really gives us all the good feels. From the greenery accents and large plants, eye catching gallery walls, hanging rattan woven light fixtures, to the four enormous macrame wall hangings that separate the dining area from the bar. Made by: yours truly. Chef and owner Julien Gremaud of Avocado Grill hired Wendy Woodard, Soulfull Thing's Co-owner and fiber artist to create and install the four massive macrame pieces for the opening of this location. Gremaud had the vision- and we were honored to bring his vision to life.

Pictured are two of the four Macrame pieces Soulfull Things created for Avocado Grill Palm Beach Gardens location

So...Julien, when can we expect a the third location of Avocado Grill? We would love another fun and challenging piece to create and of course another place where we can sit back, relax, and stuff our faces with all things avocado --- and again, we know you will not disappoint in all of the above.

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