About Us


Who is Soulfull Things?


We are sisters that share a passion for creating. Creating good vibes, creating memories, creating with our hands, creating friendships. Whatever it is that we are creating, we enjoy full-filling our souls will all the good things. Whether you are looking for one  of a kind, handcrafted macrame, dream catchers, or other  pieces of art, decor, handmade jewelry, or beautifully embroidered & ethically sourced handbags, your search is over. 



Taylor is a driven woman and mother to one beautiful little girl. When she sees potential in something or someone she wants to see results. So that is precisely what she did. Taylor saw her sister's talent and creativity and knew that she needed to put her business degree to work. She wanted to help Wendy with the other side of the business so that she could concentrate more on creating and sharing those creations with others. Taylor created and designed the website and handles most of the business side of Soulfull Things. 

Wendy is the talent behind many of the Soulfull Decor we offer. She is an incredible mother to three beautiful children and wife to a pretty amazing guy- who actually makes the driftwood shelves on our shop. Some call her mommy, one may call her wifey, but she is a woman with a free-sprit, kind heart, and a beautiful soul. The time and love she puts into all of her art really shows when you see the intricate details of each piece. 


Patricia, Patty, Mom, Gaga: fearless leader of our soulFull tribe, and truly loved by all! She keeps us laughing with her goofy ways, and has always had a creative streak! Loves to use her hands to make anything from crocheted baby bonnets, to hand-woven dreamcatchers, shibori, to an impressive succulent garden & most recently her own brew of kombucha!! She brings a sense of symmetry along with a close attention to detail as she designs each piece with her unique flair!


The eldest sister, wife and momma! She is a creator at heart, dreamer, and bringer of hope. With a background in dance as well ministry, she has always had a passion for using her gifts to bring awareness and light in dark places. She brings an animated Spirit along with a Soulfull vision for our tribe.